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To start your career as a cop in GTA V RP, head over to the server’s discord handle, fill out the registration form in your desired department (Local, State, and Swat). Once registered, wait for the approval of the on-duty official before beginning the training. After completing the multi-phase training period, you will be joining the LSPD as a cop. The police officers can make high-speed chases on 5-star wanted criminals and can shoot down dangerous targets. In addition, high-rank cops have the authority to detain or pardon anyone, guilty or not. Naturally, as it is roleplaying, sometimes the outcomes may not be what you had expected. Some rebellious citizens might knock you over or shoot at you.

Local Police

Once the Roleplaying server is active, the players are provided with different options to choose from their favorite departments. For Example, you will be roving the city’s streets as a local cop. Stopping at each red light, keeping position in the lane, and an eye out for danger.

State Police

As state officials, players have to offer services in the rural areas of San Andreas. These high-alert stations are where many criminals might be planning something dangerous. A Los Santos State Officer also has other duties such as the protection of government officials.


Joining the LSPD Swat force is something very different from being a normal cop. As Swat members, players need to face complete gangs working in the city. Swat officials are mostly called in severe conditions. They also have some special vehicles to eliminate dangerous threats.


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