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The GTA V RP Emergency Medical Services department needs to be active all the time. By supplying
possibilities to those who want to become paramedics, the EMS division looks to increase the
department’s potential. It is also one of the active departments due to the gang wars in the city.
The Los Santos Fire Department has long been renowned for the emergency medical and fire services it
offers to the residents. The EMS department has many work opportunities. If you decide to work in a
firefighter emergency department, you will be able to prepare for alarming situations. The EMP officers
are assigned a specialized call code that the other role-players can contact.

There are certain server rules for the EMS officials, such as following traffic laws and wearing proper
attire on duty. If you are role-playing as an EMS official, stay away from carrying guns; only tasers and
flashlights are recommended while on service. Also, try to keep your bandages and medical kits full
by refilling them as often as you can.


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