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Department of Justice

In GTA 5 RP, the law is intricate and realistic, and it does not only apply to the police. Cases are taken to the courtroom and reported to the judge accordingly. The offender is given the opportunity to keep legal representation. To become a law-and-order representative in GTA V, you must pass the bar test on the RP servers. Lawyers who represent any suspect receive legal aid funds and have access to the complex legal system. In addition, they have the power to bring civil lawsuits against the government.


When Role playing like a lawyer, you need to be active on the hearing days to defend your client. Most courts listen to the prosecution on Wednesday and Saturday. Make sure to rehearse the script as many judges tend to be strict in the roleplay world.


The accused in GM 5 RP get court judgments, a judge’s decision is clearly needed for the court to work. As a Judge, players have major responsibility to make the right decisions as it is essential to the fictional city of Los Santos. Judges must appear before the hearing start on the selected days. i.e, Wednesday and Saturday.
PLEASE NOTE: The court cannot perform without lawyers and judges. On the GTA 5 Roleplaying servers, choosing a judge carries a lot of responsibilities. You get to decide what happens to other role-players that act like criminals and choose to be fair or not.


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